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How do you help protect your bottom line when our costs rise? Crossbreed with Cobb Charolais bulls.  MORE WEANING LBS.=MORE $$'S PER HEAD

During the 2022 Spring AICA Board of Directors meeting in KC, MO Tom Brinks, Exec. Director of the Red Angus Association, presented the AICA Board with results of a survey/white paper addressing the problem of color, specifically black hided cattle, perceived as having "more value" over red hided cattle, or smoky/buckskin (Charolais) crossbreds, despite the proven performance enhancements of these non-black cattle. The link to his short slideshow presentation is here:  TomBrinks_Powerpoint_AICA_3-23-2022.pdf  He specifically noted the contradictions in answers to questions #2 and #3.  The 2022 June/July edition of Drover's Journal carries an article on page 22 with the caption "Genetics Valued over Hide Color." For the thoroughly detailed article, the Red Angus Association website offers:  White-Paper-–-Genetics-Valued-Over-Hide-Color_2022_website.pdf

The March 2023 Charolais Journal article "White Gold..." on page 22 further documents the added value of Charcross calves:  CHAROLAIS March 2023 JOURNAL by EDJE - Issuu    Flip the pages over to page 22.

Cobb Charolais has routinely since 2006 genetically tested all our herd sires through Neogen Igenity's commercially-oriented "Beef Report Profile" which scores the bulls in 18 different categories.  Our customers use our bulls principally as terminal cross sires.  We place heavy emphasis on the Terminal Sire categories when we select our own herd sire replacements from each calf crop.

Read "Profit Oriented Cattlemen Demand Profit Oriented Calves," by Kim Holt, published in the September 2012 edition of the "Charolais Edge":   for stories from successful commercial producers with long-term experience using our Cobb bulls.  Each bull is backed up with a first breeding season guarantee.  The article is on pages 1, 3, and 7, an almost 7 MB download.  Thanks for linking in!

“We’re selling by the pound . . .if you get an added 50 lbs. on a calf at $1.50 or better, that’s $75 a head difference. That adds up.”  – Bruce Rowser,  Henefer, Utah commercial producer

"50 (+) years of developing this reputation herd...(these) bulls offer cattlemen real value in the consistent performance, quality, soundness, gainability, and carcass IMF and cutability they possess, especially (with) English breed programs." Jerry Gliko, Western Livestock Journal, May 1, 2006.


Pocha Ranch, Helmville, MT . Cobb bull sired cross steer calves, born in March-April, from different Cobb bulls, off quality home-raised black cows ready for October shipping

Cobb Charolais bulls are top quality linebred and strictly culled to set desirable characteristics, using our performance records begun in 1956 to result in consistently prepotent progeny, especially when outcrossed.



All these Cobb bull-sired steer calves are at least 3 weeks, or 1 cycle, younger than that premium black steer calf in the middle.  Bring up that bottom half of your calf crop!


"We have bought Cobb bulls for the last 30-plus years and have never been disappointed with the quality of the bulls. We also enjoy doing business with the Cobb family. Cobb bulls give us a very marketable set of calves. We sell our calves at about 180-190 days of age and the steers and heifers average 600 lbs. WE PULL VERY FEW CALVES. AS FAR AS PULLING FOR A CALF THAT IS TOO LARGE FOR THE COWS, IT IS PROBABLY ONE OUT OF EVERY 500 BIRTHS. " John Schipf, Swan Ranch, Highwood, MT

Cobb bull sired cross calf off stocker cow Oct. 2005 Schipf-Swan Ranch, Highwood MT


Feeder heifers and steer groups off stocker cows October 2007 at the Mike and Karen Trotter Family Ranch of Richey, MT.  An extremely dry summer and fall, marginal grass year. Look at the heft, uniformity and consistency of their calves off Cobb bulls even under these conditions.






The Anderson family, of Raynesford and Monarch, MT's crossbred heifers ready for October shipping.  Born in March-April, they averaged 653 lbs. the 24th of October 2014 in a drier year.  Mrs. Jean Anderson, Rob and Laurie Anderson, Emil and Kay Anderson.



The James and DaRae Larson family of Belt, MT's feedlot-bound heifer calves in October:




Olson Family Farms of Woonsocket, SD have purchased Cobb bulls for 30-plus years.  They both raise and finish calves off at their farm.  Yearling Charolais/Angus feeder heifers May 5th are about 4 weeks from finishing Prime/Choice:

But they start off like this:


In the Southeastern part of the US, the Woods brothers, Clint, Kyle, and Kevin, of Westville, Oklahoma raise Cobb Charolais/Brangus-mix feeder cattle off stocker cows--photos taken in October:

*****************************************************************************************************************  We thank all the above long-time customers who have permitted us to photograph their calves and use them in our website and other materials. Our customers' cattle rate among the finest beef cattle raised anywhere on the planet.

2018-2019 Charolais SOURCE cover--Pocha Ranch, Helmville MT July 2018

Sired by Cobb Charolais bull


More pounds of calf performance for the producer, and top quality feedlot performance and carcass make your buyers happy--they'll be back for more.

CROSSBREEDING--IT'S NO CLOSELY GUARDED TRADE SECRET. Thoughtful crossbreeding results in more pounds per head to sell, increased efficiency, hybrid vigor and more pounds for profit at the ranch, the feedlot, all the way to the supermarket meatcase.

ur The annual FALL BULL SALE date on the first Tuesday in November works well for producers in the more southern areas of the US fi to accomodate your breeding dates.  Bulls can be delivered to you in time for your December/January turnout dates. If purchased in the Fall Sale and they are for early spring breeding, we can board a limited number of bulls here at the ranch, fertility test them before delivery to you, with a reasonable boarding fee.  Or if you wish to purchase your bulls in the larger Spring sales, we can board your bulls through the summer, fertility test them again, and deliver them to you later in the fall, with a reasonable board fee.

  ANY questions, please contact John Cobb 406-562-3670.

                                           ***************For a look at the American International Charolais Associations's "Charolais Advantage Program," a value-added program for Char-crossbred calves from commercial producers, please click on the link:   We will register your Cobb Charolais bulls for you at no extra charge if their registration is requested within 30 days after their purchase.

Additional information about Charolais Advantage program, call the AICA office at 816-464-5977.