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Fall bull sale is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.  Approximately 60 bulls for auction at Western Livestock Auction yards, Great Falls, Montana.  Online bidding available through pre-registration at Western Livestock--406-727-5400.  Fall sale catalog and cattle videos of lots available about 3rd week of October.  

Spring Sale catalog and videos are still available for references only.


 LINK TO 2018 "QUICK REFERENCE SHEET" performance data, ultrasounds, fertility scores and EPD's for bull lots:  UserFiles/files/2018%20SPRING%20SALE%20Quick%20Reference%20Sheet.pdf

VIDEOS OF 2018 SPRING SALE BULLS will be available later in early-mid April.  Our cold, wet, snowy winter means it will take later for our facilities to dry out in order to take videos of the sale lots.  Thank you for your patience.


TO OPEN THE CATALOG, Adobe Reader software is required.  If you need this free software, go to the official website:  for directions to download and install the Adobe Reader DC software for both Windows and Mac systems. Click on the Adobe Reader site's 'Menu' at the top right-hand for installation instructions.

Spring 2018 sale videos should be available on the "Video" page about early-mid April.

     1. Click on "Cattle Video" page in the Main Menu.

     2.  Click on the sale date. 

     3.  Choose  a 'thumbnail photo' of a bull, click on it.  TO OPEN A FULLSCREEN FILE:  in bottom black border, click on the words DOWNLOAD BEST QUALITY VIDEO for best video to load.

     4.  IMPORTANT:   Use your browser's "Back Button" to exit video and return to the video menu.


To get a "hands-on" paper sale catalog in the mail to you, please call us at the numbers below, or email us at the "Contact Us" page in our Main Menu--please be sure to include your complete mailing address in the 'Message'.

If you would like to purchase bulls, but can not be present at the sale, we can furnish you with independent order buyers/bid takers who can take your order if you prefer.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.  IF YOU WISH TO BID ONLINE, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS:

      1.  Sale is broadcast LIVE only on the website   ALL ONLINE BUYERS MUST BE PREREGISTERED ON THIS SITE PRIOR TO SALE DAY.

       2.  After submitting a buyer approval request on Cattle USA website, must call Sarah at Western Livestock auction yard to confirm the registration.  Mon.-Thurs MTN time, 406-727-5400 or email her:

       3.  Questions?  Please contact Sarah at Western Livestock, 406-727-5400 by Thursday April 19, before sale day itself for answers, and to work out any remaining details.


For suggested lodging places in Great Falls, please download from the link:   UserFiles/files/Hospitality_Letter.doc   This is a Microsoft Word file.  Please contact us for suggested lodging information if you have trouble opening the Word document.

Great Falls, Montana is served by Delta Airlines, Alaska/Horizon Air, and United.  United has twice daily direct flights from Denver, Colorado to Gt. Falls.  Horizon's flights connect through Seattle, Delta's flights connect to Great Falls through Salt Lake City, Minneapolis/St. Paul or Seattle.


Cobb quality runs all throughout the sale lots. The general trend is for the older bulls to place in the latter half of the sale offerings, along with the smaller framed bulls, as they are all sold in descending order of  WDA, weight per day of age. The smaller framed bulls, as well as their larger or younger herdmates ahead of them in sale order, all demonstrate our goal of animals that produce a greater proportion of muscle-to-bone ratio, or cutability.  In combination with their uniformity, early maturity, outstanding feed efficiency numbers, and the linebred performance consistency, all make your Cobb bull-sired calves readily saleable.

 As always, if you have ANY questions, please call John at 406-562-3670 or Mike at 406-562-3694--we'll be glad to talk with you!

                                      THANK YOU FOR VIEWING OUR WEBSITE!





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