Purebred Breeders


Cobb breeding has provided solid foundation performance cattle with outstanding linebred outcross genetics for some of North America's oldest and best known Charolais breeders:


DeBruycker's LHD ALI MARK T214 M260394, one of the most famous foundation sires in the breed, was sired in 1985 by Cobb's ABC ALI HERCULES M246259. Ali Mark includes Cobb breeding also on his dam's side through ABC BAMARK and ABC D'ARTAGAN.

WCR Sir Tradition 066 M318119 sired by WCR Sir Tradition 4402, out of Cobb's ABC WEINK'S TRADITION. WCR Sir Tradition 066 also has Cobb's ABC D'ARTAGAN and ABC MARK breeding on his dam's side, Jorgensen's Ideal 809 45 of 25, F441672.

Cobb's ABC LEADER, M635129, bull facing outward at right, went to Texas--first purchased by Morley Charolais and Ragsdale Charolais, then owned by Thomas Charolais, Inc. of Raymondville, TX. He couples calving ease with his calves' good looks and tremendous gain performance, a complete package.



Sparrows Madrid 7M Poll, M661388 owned by Bauman Ranch, Ray Farms, and Dismukes Ranch, is sired by Cobb's ABC LATORO 263G M473299, purchased in 1998 by A. Sparrow Farms Ltd of Vanskoy, SK Canada. ABC LATORO 263G has sired some of the highest-selling Charolais bulls in Canada, and was still producing for Sparrow Farms in 2008. His son Madrid won Grand Champion Bull honors in both the 2004 Denver National Western and Houston National shows. He looks like a typical Cobb bull--long, deep, thick ribspring and heavy with muscle--true to his sire's type. Our bulls are again gaining increased acceptance into Canadian Charolais herds, due in part to exposure that A. Sparrow Farms, Ltd has provided for the progeny of ABC Latoro and other Cobb bulls they have purchased through the years. We thank them for all they do to promote the beauty and economic efficiency of Charolais.


FOR 60-PLUS YEARS, COBB CHAROLAIS has been constantly refining and improving each year for gain, feed efficiency, and carcass performance, fertility, milk, docility and good conformation--with the linebred tendency to breed "true to type." We sell our animals principally to longtime repeat commercial buyers. These professionals are highly educated in the usage of performance data, EPD's, ultrasounds and other data, they are particular in their demands for quality and longevity, and raise some of the finest beef cattle anywhere. Our Spring Bull Sales are generally the third to fourth largest Charolais bull sales in the United States, and all are ONE BRAND and home-raised. We have the numbers and the quality from which to choose herd sires who will add thickness, depth, feed efficiency and carcass quality to their calves, while maintaining good conformation. Our 60-plus years of top quality linebreeding leads to greater uniformity, consistency and predictability of progeny.

About 95% of the beef producers in the US are commercial. These professionals rely on all of us as purebred producers to provide them with the genetics to raise profitable cattle. This is our responsibility, and Cobb Charolais's goal.

Cobb Charolais** UNIFORMITY******CONSISTENCY******EXCELLENCE**Cobb Charolais

We thank all the above mentioned Charolais breeders who have purchased these bulls for their own herd use. Showmanship, the "beauty contests" aren't our "thing," and we are sincerely gladdened when another breeder can use one of our animals to further promote this beautiful breed, unequalled in its performance for the demands of today's meat producers and consumers.


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Click on "Charolais Search" link in Main Menu, enter in the animal's registration number, or their herd number, our herd designation starts with "ABC," and their EPD's, additional performance data and pedigree searches are located in the "quick links".

We will have EPD information on our sale bulls available at the sale, as well as carcass ultrasound data. If you have any questions about particular bulls, please call John Cobb at 406-562-3670, or email us at the "Contact Us" page off the Main Menu.


The above color photos taken by Molly Schoen of the American International Charolais Association