Recreational Opportunities

Mike Cobb and Sarah Howe-Cobb have leased from Cobb Charolais Ranch, Inc. the access rights to the ranch for hunting on the ranch for the general rifle season. The lease is a separate business from Cobb Charolais Ranch, Inc. 

To learn more and to book these hunting opportunities, please click the link for hunting information:





We have a limited services accomodations site.  The former Girl Scout camp, Camp Scoutana, is situated near Fairview Mountain.  The facility has an electric and wood heated main kitchen/dining lodge, and with separate sleeping cabins and an outhouse.  The cabins can accomodate up to 12 persons.  All drinking water must be brought in.  Booking your stay is on a "first come, first served" basis.

Rates throughout the year:

Kitchen/dining/lodge:  $100 per day

Cabin/night:  $20 per night

RV site/day:  $10 per day

Rules for your stay will be given when you arrive.

Please contact Mike Cobb or Sarah Howe-Cobb for any questions or to reserve a stay at the campsite.

Phone:  406-562-3694