Sale Day Information

The 2024 annual Fall Bull Sale is Tuesday, November 5th. The best bulls from our Fall calving herd, a few 'Coming 2's" born late spring 2023 are also offered. This Fall Sale works well for our Southern buyers to accomodate your breeding season.

For your reference only, the 2024 Spring Bull Sale catalog link:

For your reference only, the accompanying 2024 Spring Bull Sale videos of the sale lots are still on the "Videos" page. The 2024 Fall Sale catalog and videos will be on the website mid-October.

 Our customer base is the commercial producer, and our sale prices reflect the market prices commercial producers receive.

During the 2022 Spring AICA Board of Directors meeting in KC, MO Tom Brinks, Exec. Director of the Red Angus Association, presented the AICA Board with results of a survey/white paper addressing the problem of color, specifically black hided cattle, perceived as having "more value" over red hided cattle, or smoky/buckskin (Charolais) crossbreds, despite the proven performance enhancements of these non-black cattle. The link to his short slideshow presentation is here:  TomBrinks_Powerpoint_AICA_3-23-2022.pdf  He specifically noted the contradictions in answers to questions #2 and #3 (" 'Yes they are' vs. 'No they're not' ").  The 2022 June/July edition of Drover's Journal carries an article on page 22 with the caption "Genetics Valued over Hide Color." For the thoroughly detailed article, the Red Angus Association website offers:  White-Paper-–-Genetics-Valued-Over-Hide-Color_2022_website.pdf  The project at South Dakota State University further underlines the documented genetic value of Charcross calves over hide color:

Cobb Charolais routinely since 2006 genetically tested all our herd sires through Neogen Igenity's commercially-oriented "Beef Report Profile" which scores the bulls in 18 different categories.  Our customers use our bulls principally as terminal cross sires.  We place heavy emphasis on the scoring in the Terminal Sire categories when we select our herd sire replacements from each calf crop, in addition to their individual performance and ultrasound data with each bulls' conformation, docility and fertility.

We now as of 2024 genetically test our herd sires through Quantum Genetix of Saskatoon, SK Canada. The original company which developed DNA tests for leptin and other desirable economic traits, which coupled with our animals' performance data, ultrasounds and linebreeding with culling, to continue breeding our animals for consistency for efficient production.

We feel very fortunate in the support of all our bull buyers.  The industry demands more and more of good Char-cross calves, not only for their extra pounds, but for their better health record, greater feed efficiency, holdover capacity, and cutability of quality meat.  The biggest complaint feeders and packers have with our Char-cross calves is they can't find enough of them!  We thank you again all for your purchases and confidence in our program, whether you are a new buyer (welcome!), or one of our long-time customers. 

TRAVEL UPDATE:  If you are traveling to our sale, and need overnight accommodations, the O'Haire Motor Inn in downtown Gt. Falls, about 15 minutes from the Stockyards, is open.  Their adjacent cafe, with good homemade food, their renowned original Tiki Bar with the swimming mermaids, included internet, available trailer parking, all for a reasonable room rate --let them know you are in town for our Cobb bull sale to get their discount business rate.  Their number:  406-454-2141 and website:


There is still steadily increasing demand for Charolais crossbred calves by feedlot operators and packers.  Their data shows these are the calves that will pay the bills through better feed efficiency and increased cutability.  The Cobb Charolais Spring Bull Sale, generally offering 130+bulls, is one of the largest Charolais bull sales in the United States, and ALL are home-raised, carefully developed here in the bull test station/feedlot at the ranch, and 'one brand'.

There are NO bull calves placed on test with poor performance that inflates or further boosts up the indexes--no poorly performing animals to which the upper half is compared--THESE SALE BULLS ARE ALL THE TOPS! 

Each bull is ultra-sounded, semen-tested, and backed by a first-season breeding guarantee.  Registration certificates are available from the AICA, we register the bulls only upon the buyer's request.  However, an AICA registered bull is a requirement if you market your Char crossbred calves through the CharAdvantage program conducted through the AICA.  See inside back page of our catalog for more information.


Sale Day information:

Bulls are performance tested, independently semen tested and measured by Hoffman AI of Logan, Utah, ultrasounded for carcass data by Matt Lane of Billings, MT and ultrasound indexed by the American-Internat'l Charolais Assn. (AICA), and guaranteed for the breeding season.  Bulls will be registered with the American International Charolais Association upon buyer's request. We do not register animals with the Canadian Charolais Association.

Health papers will be available for transport to other states. We are in the designated brucellosis-free region of Montana, and all bulls can be transported immediately after the sale with health papers unless your state requires specific health tests. These are all virgin bulls, but if your state requires a trichomoniasis or "trich" test, the bulls can be ready for transport 7-10 days after taking the sample for this test, which the vet can do at the yards after the sale.

All bull sales are in U.S. dollars.  Currency price and exchange rate is the date of the sale.  Method of payment is cash, check, or bank wire transfer. Any other arrangements shall be made before the sale with the Seller. We do offer a currency discount for commercial Canadian producers.

Sale Order is according to descending order of Weight Per Day of Age Index, which is the catalog lot order. All buyers, whether present at the sale or bidding by telephone or through an agent, must register first with the Western Livestock Auction office before the sale.

Buyer registration at Western begins at 8 a.m. Mountain Time, the number is 406-727-5400.  All buyers must register first, and before the sale time, with Western Livestock Auction to participate in the sale.  If unable to attend, Internet bidding through Western's CattleUSA site available--call Barbara Jo at Western--1-406-727-5400--for details.

If you cannot be present at the sale, please let us know beforehand.  We can help you pick out what you want through our "Sight Unseen" program, and also provide you with an independent bid taker. We guarantee your customer satisfaction with the bulls, or your money back.



2.  After submitting a buyer approval request on Cattle USA website, buyer must call the office at Western Livestock Auction to confirm the registration.  Mon.-Fri. 8-5 pm MTN time, 406-727-5400 or email the secretary:

3.  Questions about online bidding?  Please contact the office at Western Livestock, 406-727-5400 before sale day itself for answers, and to work out any remaining details.



A $50.00 discount per bull if you truck your own bulls on sale day.

Free delivery of bulls within 600 miles of Great Falls, MT to a central point. If bulls are to be trucked further than the 600 miles, buyer pays for the pro-rated trucking amount AFTER this distance to their central delivery point.

Great Falls, Montana is regularly served by Delta Airlines, Alaska/Horizon Air, and United.  Alaska/Horizon's flights connect through Seattle, Delta's flights connect to Great Falls through Salt Lake City, Minneapolis/St. Paul or Seattle, and United has twice daily direct flights from Denver, Colorado to Great Falls, Montana. 


                                          Any questions? Please call us: John-406-562-3670 or Mike-406-562-3694.