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 Cobb Charolais is one of the largest registered Charolais herds in the USA, with  over 700 registered enrolled females. Our herd has been closed, selectively linebred and culled for 60+ years... 










A performance legend for 60-plus years. One of the nation's highest average herd Total Sire Index scores for terminal sires, all backed with 60+ years of performance data--see the catalog.
















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Our animals are not bred for the goals of the show ring, but rather to fit the demands of the beef business - from birth to slaughter in the quickest possible time, best feed efficiency coupled with gains, with the greatest possible profit. We have dehorned, polled, scurred...




























The cows are studies of excellence in themselves. The "stacking" of performance upon performance in the Cobb female pedigree has produced a cowherd unequalled in its genetic ability to produce high performance bulls for both the commercial and purebred producer...